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Your Villa is a considerable investment to you, so regular decoration and maintenance of the structure is important. We can deal with these in house or arrange and supervise your choice of workmen.

Rentals: Your guests will have expectations of your villa, (we are all very proud of our own properties). We firmly believe we can offer a package for your clients that will meet their expectations. A welcoming, clean house and someone on hand to help with those holiday difficulties who has excellent local knowledge and a ready smile.

Anyone presented with an empty, rubble strewn garden and no knowledge of local gardeners or plants would be concerned. Where do you start? Some ‘landscapers’ sound knowledgeable but can be notorious for making a mess and failing to live up to their inflated promises. We can provide you with landscaping done to your design, and will always provide you with a full photographic and written report of progress.

As your garden matures, and during those wonderful long hot summers, plants and trees still need regular watering and pruning. Who wants to arrive to an overgrown garden and spend their well-earned break getting everything back under control! Our gardening service offers regular watering, weeding and light pruning; and most importantly monthly photos to show you the seasonal changes in your garden.

Rental tax demands. If you rent out your villa, you will need to deal with rental tax documentation. Don’t worry, Sallie has the required knowledge to file and submit the relevant information, on your behalf, in a format which can be understood by the TRNC tax office. Sallie’s local knowledge in this area has ensured a 100% success rate.